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Why Choose Us for Waterproofing?

Even the most minute leaks can be the source of a big trouble and rather bigger bills. While construction and renovation of any residential or commercial property is pretty expensive, why pay for it twice then?

With Kiing’s Tiler waterproofing service in Auckland, you can prevent yourself from getting trapped into the unnecessary troubles of waterproofing. Offering world class service since 2007, we have assisted businesses by offering an affordable fix to their water damage issues.We have a trustworthy and trained staff onboard which gives you the best value of your money and we make sure to take all the required steps in that direction. So, don’t let a little negligence cost you a fortune! Contact Kiing’s Tiler to discuss your waterproofing requirements and get a quote tailored to your budget. Read More

Why Choose Us For Waterproofing?

We understand how painstaking water damage can be hence preventing your property from the evils of water damage is something we would like to commit to. When you hire us, you can be rest assured of our waterproofing service as we leave no stone unturned in catering to your requirements. Here’s what makes us exceptional waterproofing specialists in Auckland:

  1. We carry out an initial assessment based on which we identify the vulnerable areas for waterproofing. This way you pay only for areas where waterproofing is needed.
  2. Since waterproofing is an exhaustive procedure, anything less than best doesn’t work so we at Kiing’s Tiler have a well-trained staff on board who works keeping your best interests in mind.
  3. Kiing’s Tiler doesn’t comprise at all with the quality of work and possess some top-notch equipment for waterproofing and other tile-related business all across Auckland.
  4. While you avail world class service for your residential and commercial property, you do not have to worry about its cost as we are extremely affordable.
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